A rescued Philippine or Palawan porcupine at the Katala Institute. (Image by P.Widmann/Katala Foundation)

The Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm (IPPF) and the Katala Foundation, Inc. have joined forces to combat illegal wildlife trade in Palawan during a meeting on February 13.

IPPF, alongside other concerned agencies, discussed the illegal trading of the endangered Palawan Porcupine and its derivatives within the region.

The Katala Foundation, Inc. highlighted the presence of the Palawan Porcupine in the vast land under IPPF’s care, pointing out reports of illegal trades involving this species.

In response, IPPF pledged to raise awareness among its personnel and enhance monitoring efforts to curb illegal activities through regular patrols.

Additionally, IPPF vowed to protect wildlife within its area of responsibility as part of broader environmental conservation efforts.