Regular Tree Planting Activity of Ipilan Nickel Corporation Employees.

Ipilan Nickel Corporation (INC) reported surpassing its 2023 reforestation goals as of January 8, planting 1.8 million seedlings across various locations within Brooke’s Point and adjacent towns in Palawan, given the company’s commitment to supporting the National Greening Program (NGP) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Throughout the period spanning January to December 2023, the company said it achieved success in seedling production, totaling 870,000 seedlings—a notable surplus beyond the targeted 861,300.

“This translates to an impressive 101.04% of the set goal. Additionally, INC’s seedling inventory stands at a robust 890,048, further underlining the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship,” Ipilan Nickel said.

In line with the Special Tree Cutting and Earth-balling Permit (STCEP) targets, the company has out planted a substantial number of seedlings. Among these are 250,000 mangrove seedlings, which were planted along coastal areas of barangays Abo-abo, Punang, and Panitian.

Nagsaguipi-Calatubog Farmers Marketing Coop. in Brgy. Sta Cruz, Puerto Princesa City (part of the company’s continuing support to the government’s National Greening Program (NGP).

A total of 1,360,410 seedlings were planted in the upland, with an additional 242,018 seedlings delivered to Brgy. Sta. Cruz in Puerto Princesa City under the Nagsaguipi-Calatubog Farmers Marketing Cooperative (NCFMC), backed by a signed memorandum of agreement, bringing the total to 1,852,428 seedlings.

It said their company continues to work towards providing the remaining 130,928 seedlings to meet the STCEP target.

Ipilan Nickel’s reforestation efforts also extended beyond seedling production by partnering with various people’s organizations (POs) in the Bulho area for planting and maintenance. These include the Calasaguen Shore Coconut Based Association, covering an area of 117 hectares with 195,039 seedling capacity; the Sitio Abubakar Coconut Farmers Association, having planted 333,400 seedlings on a 200-hectare land; and the Bulho Farmers Association with an accomplished target of 333,400 seedlings on a 200-hectare land as well.

Through these collaborations, Ipilan Nickel has supported reforestation initiatives across 517 hectares, thereby fostering sustainable forestry practices and empowering local communities.

In Brgy. Sta Cruz, Puerto Princesa, INC partnered with Nagsaguipi-Calatubog Farmers Marketing Cooperative to reforest 150 hectares starting December 2023, with a target of 250,050 seedlings. To date, a total of 43,000 seedlings have been delivered with a 207,050 balance.

Ipilan Nickel also said it goes beyond protecting terrestrial ecosystems in fulfilling its commitment to environmental conservation by participating in mangrove conservation efforts. By collaborating with local government units (LGUs) of Brgy. Abo-abo, Sofronio Española, 70,000 mangroves have been planted in a 7-hectare area; Brgy. Panitian’s LGU with 30,000 mangroves across 3 hectares; and Brgy. Punang, successfully having reforested 15 hectares with 150,000 seedlings.

These projects all started in June 2022 and have been completed to date. The company hopes that these projects would serve their purpose to significantly contribute to coastal protection and biodiversity preservation.

To ensure future Special Tree Cutting and Earth-balling Permit (STCEP) compliance, INC has designated a 90-hectare area in Brgy. Inugbong, Bataraza with a capacity for 150,030 seedlings and is set to begin early this year.

“This initiative demonstrates INC’s long-term vision for ensuring sustainable practices and safeguarding the environment for generations to come,” the mining company said.