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The Ibato-Iraan Small Reservoir Irrigation Project (SRIP) in Aborlan is in its ongoing construction phase with a physical accomplishment of 85.88 percent as of September 15.

Engr. Fidel P. Martinez assumed the position as Palawan Irrigation Management Office (IMO) Division Manager in September following the retirement of then local head Engr. Conrado Cardenas, Jr. Martinez wants to prioritize the completion of the NIA Palawan’s largest funded project to provide immediate access for irrigation purposes.

“Its completion can be accelerated for farmer-beneficiaries to have immediate access to irrigation sooner than expected,” he said.

The Ibato-Iraan SRIP is expected to irrigate 1, 072 hectares (has.) of agricultural land in the barangays of Sagpangan, Iraan, and Isaub in Aborlan town.

Photo from NIA Palawan

He emphasized that consistent cooperation among engineers, personnel, and the contractor’s project-in-charge would be a factor in accelerating the execution of work aligned with the program. The project must be assured of the delivery of efficient, effective, and sustainable irrigation services to benefit the 425 farmer-beneficiaries of the Ibato-Iraan SRIP.

The project monitoring is also under the supervision of the central and regional offices headed by senior deputy administrator Benny Antiporda and Regional Manager Engr. William Ragodon. The completion of the project is expected in 2023.

Farmers are only reliant on a rain-fed agriculture system to have a reliable source of irrigation water for their land.
“Ibato-Iraan SRIP will have a profound impact on the agricultural industry, with the goal of generating income for smallholder farmers in town and increasing agricultural productivity to ensure food security in the province,” he added.

Photo from NIA Palawan
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