For the past 25 years, Haim Chicken has been more than just a restaurant; it has become a cornerstone in the history of Puerto Princesa. Serving as the backdrop for birthdays, anniversaries, and countless other joyous occasions, Haim Chicken has established itself as the preferred venue for local family gatherings.

Starting with humble origins in 1999, equipped with only a grill and a team of 14 staff members, Haim Chicken has evolved into a flourishing establishment. Today, it boasts 140 dedicated employees and six restaurants spread across the province.

Since embarking on a franchising journey in 2018, Haim Chicken has broadened its presence. The expansion began with new branches in Robinsons Mall and NCCC Mall in 2019, and continued with strategic openings in Narra, Bataraza, and Irawan in the years that followed.

Despite the hurdles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Haim Chicken remained resilient, avoiding closure. The restaurant’s commitment to creating jobs during difficult times and its guarantee that no staff member would be laid off during the pandemic highlight a dedication that transcends mere profit.

Adapting to the shifting landscape, the business introduced a delivery service, offering customers a convenient option to savor their favorite meals at home. This move aligns with its core mission to serve the community.

As Haim Chicken marks its 25th anniversary, the celebration transcends mere reflection on the past; it embodies a profound expression of gratitude towards a community that has become an essential part of their story. Amidst challenges, it has chosen to commemorate this milestone by giving back to those who have steadfastly supported them through both prosperous and challenging times.

“Not all restaurants come through this 25th year or yung tinatawag nating silver celebration. So, it’s very important. It’s a way to give back sa mga naging patrons namin in the past 25 years not only for the customers but for the staff,” Haim Chicken Chief Executive Officer James Yayen told Palawan News.

“Yun yung mas sinecelebrate namin eh. Yung life in between the first year na nag launch, up to the current. Celebration nung tinatawag nating core memories,” he added.

Busog Sarap Saya Card
In the midst of their anniversary festivities, Haim introduced the Busog Sarap Saya card, a program that elevates the standard discount experience. This initiative ensures that customers celebrating their birthdays at Haim Chicken are indulged with a special meal featuring chicken, pancit, and banana graham cake.

Priced at only ₱100, the card offers patrons two years of exclusive treats and discounts, showcasing the dining place’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional value to its customers.

“Yung celebration na ito is not only for us but for our customers talaga. It’s a way of thanking them for helping us. Hindi nila kami iniwan” Yayen said.

Muslim-friendly certified
The restaurant’s Muslim-friendly certification by the Department of Tourism highlights its inclusive approach, welcoming diverse communities to partake in the warmth and flavor that define Haim.

Its PWD-friendly facilities, including a braille menu, exemplify its commitment to ensuring that everyone can share in the joy of their offerings.

As the restaurant plans further expansion within Palawan and contemplates ventures beyond the province, it envisions not just growth but a deeper connection with the communities it serves.

As families gather around the tables at Haim, the restaurant has become a living testament to the bonds forged over delicious meals. In carving its place in local history, Haim Chicken goes beyond serving food; it serves as a vessel for the traditions, celebrations, and shared moments that define the richness of Puerto Princesa’s cultural legacy.

Haim Chicken acknowledges that its success extends beyond business metrics; it’s about giving back to the community through job creation and supporting the local economy. With its unwavering dedication to its patrons and the values it upholds, Haim Chicken continues to embody the essence of Palawan hospitality.

Haim Chicken’s 25th-anniversary celebration stands as a testament to resilience, flavor, and a commitment to giving back. It’s a celebration not just of surviving challenges but of thriving, and in doing so, creating a legacy that goes beyond the confines of a restaurant—it becomes a story of community, shared moments, and a flavorful journey that intertwines with the stories of Puerto Princesa.