Rep. Edward Hagedorn of Palawan’s 3rd District is seeking to get two House bills passed that would turn two old city barangay roadways into national roads so that the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) could provide funds to rehabilitate and maintain them.

He said that the Salvacion-Sabang Road, which leads to the Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) and the Napsan-Bagong Bayan-Simpocan-Bacungan Road on the west coast are two roads that could be converted into national roads so they could receive funds from the DPWH.

Hagedorn filed House Bills 4887 and 4888, new versions of the bills that originated from the 17th Congress, saying the city government does not have enough immediate funds to rehab and maintain them due to its road expansion targets in other barangays.

“Kailangan na talagang i-convert sa national kasi hindi na kaya ng budget ng local, lalo na ngayon nag-e-expand tayo ng mga kalsada… walang pondo,” Hagedorn said recently during a meeting he attended with the members of the Puerto Princesa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (PPCCII).

The Napsan-Bagong Bayan-Simpocan-Bacungan Road, according to Hagedorn, can help increase tourism to the west coast’s beaches, which have recently grown in popularity.

Among the beaches frequented by local tourists in the area are Napsan Beach, Nagtabon Beach, Tagkawayan Beach, and Talaudyong Beach.

The bills are now pending in the committee on public works and highways in the House of Representatives.

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