TRIPLE PH (TPL PH) partners Angela Tiotangco-Alvarez and Taryn Mae Navarro explain the importance of transforming business strategies and efforts to digital technology to keep with the demand of the market.

Have you imagined life today without the help of digital technology?

The answer might vary. “Oh, better than today”, or “ I cannot live without going digital”.

Of course, we have different answers to this question and it usually depends on the status and lifestyle each of us has. However, today’s fast-pace life and the need to be connected is an undeniable fact.

Life has become easy and convenient because we are digitally connected. Almost everything that you need is at your fingertips. Name them and you can have them without necessarily going out from the comfort of your home or space.


Angela Tiotangco-Alvarez founder of TRIPLE PH (TPL PH).

Angela Tiotangco-Alvarez, a Palaweña and founder of TRIPLE PH (TPL PH), a tech-driven digital and design company said that “at this age, working doesn’t mean that you have to be in the office. Working from home is becoming a trend and there are so many ways to earn because of the technology.”

TPL PH aims to transition marketing efforts to effective digital solutions.

There is an endless list of things one can do with the aid of digital technology. Life has become easy especially to working moms who are trying to juggle responsibilities of motherhood and work.

From grocery, movie tickets, fashion, appliances, gadgets, equipment to online enrollments and online courses, name it and you can have it by just browsing your gadgets.


Taryn Mae Navarro co-founder of TRIPLE PH (TPL PH).

Marketing efforts have shifted from traditional to digital which brought a tremendous leap in the marketing industry. The online platform is the cheapest and most effective tool to sell products and services.

“Let’s say you want to sell cookies or homemade cakes and jams. With a few clicks, you can establish your online presence without the hassle of calling everyone about your new product,” said Taryn Mae Navarro, co-founder of TPL PH in an interview of Janette Huang-Teves of Sunstar.

Palawan is now getting ready to plunge the digital connectivity as local entrepreneurs are going online to sell their products – cookies, succulent, land, food among others.


Every business has a Facebook account.

“It’s 100% more accessible than traditional marketing. Now, it’s part of everyone’s routine to check their Facebook feed, Lazada account, and Instagram stories- and if we’re able to tap those touchpoints at the right place and right time, your brand will be winning,” Angela said in an interview of Teves.

Angela emphasized that digital marketing sound so easy but it is not. It only becomes easy when you do it right. She advised that it is important to find a person or agency that could guide you in the right way to utilize the available digital tools.

Ordinary people in the countryside, whether they understand the concepts and the nuances of digital marketing, are succumbed to the need to be digitally connected to keep up with the current trend and demand.

Angela said that in her 6 years jn hospitality industry she saw the transition from traditional marketing to digital.
“We have to adapt fast or else we will lose business,’ she said.

But what are the benefits of going digital? Angela shares some tips.

Since everyone’s online, buying a product or a service is as easy as clicking their phones if they want to book or check out. In this age, working doesn’t mean you have to be in the office, working from home is becoming a trend and there are so many ways to earn in digital now.

1. Offer Online Courses
2. Manage Social Media Accounts
3. Write Articles
4. Make Videos and Upload it on Youtube
5. Become a Virtual Assistant
6. Teach Language Online
7. Selling Product Online (E commerce site)
8. Online Tutor

And the lists are endless. So, if you have a business and you want to develop a niche to reach your target market, it is a must that you must go digital.

It is now a fact that our life is dependent on digital technology. Stay connected!


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