(Left to Right) Yang Ik-june, Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jeong-min, and Won Jin-a , the stars of the streaming series Hellbound, showing November 19 on Netflix.
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“Hellbound,” featuring some of South Korea’s top actors and actresses, will finally premiere on Netflix tomorrow as one of the year’s most anticipated dark mystery series set in a world where humanity is challenged with fearsome angels of death that emerge unexpectedly to condemn individuals to hell.

The six-part series is set in a dystopian world in which citizens are informed of their date of death and time.

In the midst of the absolute turmoil caused by unexplained supernatural events, an emerging religious group known as The New Truth obtains control of the people.

Chairman Jung Jinsu of The New Truth, a character depicted by Yoo Ah-in, asserts that only sinners are subjected to hellbound decrees and that these events reflect divine intention to make humanity virtuous. The Arrowhead, a group of his blinded disciples, take the punishment for those who defy the divine decree into their own hands. The world is transformed into a living horror.

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South Korean director Yeon Sang-ho of the hit film Train to Busan also directed Hellbound based on his own webtoon with the same name. (Photo by Netflix)

Directed by Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan and Peninsula), the six-part Netflix series stars Yoo Ah-in (Secret Affair), Kim Hyun-joo (I Have A Lover), Park Jeong-min (Deliver Us From Evil), Won Jin-a (She Would Never Know), Yang Ik-june (Breathless), Kim Do-yoon (Peninsula), Kim Shin-rok (The Cursed), Ryu Kyung-soo (Itaewon Class), and Lee Re (Start-Up).

Yeon characterized the Netflix series as a narrative set in the midst of Seoul that threw life on its head. He and writer Choi Kyu-seok created the webtoon under the same name into a Netflix series.

“Hellbound is about supernatural events that take place right in the middle of Seoul. And such events turn society upside-down. In the midst of things, many convictions of different people clash with one another,” director Yeon said in a virtual press conference attended by Palawan News on November 16.

Fans of dark mystery series will undoubtedly find the show absorbing, as it will keep them perplexed till the ending, Yeon noted.

Despite the story’s fictitious aspects, he added that the series would reflect the society in a realistic manner.

“There are various characters played by this wonderful cast. I think all of them actually are people whom we see in society, who exist in society. And they have different convictions and they have different emotions. I think the viewers can resonate with their convictions and their feelings depending on which conviction they choose to believe. I think it’s fun to watch the clash of these kinds of convictions, and it gives us an opportunity to think about our society, think about our convictions. I hope people can really talk about these questions after they watch Hellbound,” he said.

One of the main actors, Yoo, said that the compelling Hellbound tale of how people’s beliefs interact in the midst of anarchy drew him to play Jung Jinsu of The New Truth. The title alone is “strong,” and it can elicit ideas of how life could be in the future.

He feels the narrative is applicable because, in the real world today, horrific things also happen in the pursuit of new social justice, and they take over people’s lives.

“You talked about how coming up with a new social justice, and just like in the trailer, there are hellish incidents occurring throughout the world, and these supernatural events take over the world, and Jung Jinsu tries to put meaning into these events, and he preaches to the world that they should live a righteous life without sins,” Yoo said.

“We call these kinds of people, that they are the chairman of The New Truth, but he doesn’t think that he is a cult leader per se. He thinks he’s someone different, other than a cult leader. He thinks he investigates into these issues that happen in the world,” he said.

In Hellbound, Yoo carved into perfection the charismatic leader’s distinctive and quirky features, saying Jung’s character is prepared to throw everything into the flames to preserve his belief system.

He said this is what viewers should watch out for on November 19 when Hellbound premieres on Netflix.

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