A new orphanage in Narra will provide shelter to growing numbers of abandoned children in Southern Palawan. [Photo from Hands that Help Foundation]

The international organization Hands that Help Foundation (HTHF) has built an orphanage in Narra town to house an increasing number of abandoned children in southern Palawan.

According to HTHF Philippines executive director John Misajon, the foundation was looking for an orphanage outside of Puerto Princesa for children who have no parental care or guardian.

The orphanage is located in Barangay Aramaywan in Narra and was inaugurated on June 3.

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The orphanage was inaugurated on June 3. [Photo from Hands that Help Foundation]

The building is scheduled to be finished by the first week of July, after which the administration will hire personnel to screen potential beneficiaries.

“Here in Palawan, all orphanages are located in Puerto Princesa City. Not even one is in the southern part. The need for an additional orphanage is evident as we can see in our society nowadays – street children, abandoned and helpless. The location of the orphanage was chosen personally by the president as he wanted it to be near the church and the church school,” Misajon said.

Allan Nuttall, the president of HTHF USA, has been a major supporter of the orphanage.

The orphanage was inaugurated on June 3. [Photo from Hands that Help Foundation]

Misajon added that the orphanage may expand and increase its number of beneficiaries from the initial target of 40 if the need will be observed.

Nuttall explained that the primary goal of the orphanage is to help children and give them a chance to become productive citizens.

“Also, I assume that this orphanage will have great benefits to the community and will bring everyone together as one. I hope the impact has onto the people of Palawan, it is our responsibility to take care of our children and to be a servant of God as he leads us through our opportunities and challenges,” Nuttal said.

“I have interest in helping children in general. When I travel I visit orphanages and either give money or supplies based on their needs. I pray three times a day, sometimes more, and in my quiet time in prayer, I was inspired to build this orphanage. I truly believe that I am guided by God,” he added.

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