A man, allegedly intoxicated, was arrested by police in Barangay Inagawan Sub-colony yesterday, May 21, after causing a disturbance using a firearm.

The arrested individual was identified as Jonas Duremdes, also known as “Par-as,” 39, a foreman from Brgy. Dumangueña, Narra, Palawan.

He was apprehended after several concerned citizens reported to Police Station 3 that he was causing a commotion, armed with a gun, and believed to be intoxicated.

Upon arrival at the scene, police confirmed that the intoxicated individual was caught in the act while holding two “holen guns.”

Additionally, an improvised 12-gauge shotgun with two bullets was also recovered from him.

It is also reported that prior to today’s incident, the suspect had already pointed a gun at a minor.

Police continue to investigate the incident, while the suspect is already in custody at Police Station 3 and faces charges for violating Republic Act 10591, or the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act.