The Department of Health in Mimaropa has documented a total of 70 firework-related injuries as of the first week of January, with five cases reported in Puerto Princesa City and an additional four in the province of Palawan.

Based on the surveillance report of the health department in the region, these cases mainly involve injuries caused by fireworks, with individuals sustaining damage to various parts of their bodies due to mishandling or accidents.

Fortunately, no instances of firework ingestion, stray bullet accidents, or tetanus linked to firecrackers have been reported.

In its most recent update, the Department of Health (DOH) has also reported 609 instances of firework-related injuries (FWRI) throughout the holiday season.

The majority, totaling 96%, of these incidents took place either at home or on the streets, with a higher prevalence among males.

Among the fireworks responsible for the majority, accounting for 64% of FWRI cases, are kwitis, 5-star, pla-pla, luces, whistle bomb, boga, and fountain.

The DOH said it is worth noting that 37% of the cases were attributed to legally purchased fireworks.

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