A 25-year-old farmer was fatally shot by another farmer in Barangay Sapa, Bataraza, at 1 p.m. on February 18.

Joper Rentasan Bungkol was the victim, and 59-year-old Akmal Mohammad Mani, also a resident of Brgy. Sapa, was the suspect.

According to reports from Bataraza Municipal Police Station (MPS) forwarded to the Palawan Police Provincial Office (PPO), the victim was on a motorcycle and en route to his farm to deliver a sack of yellow ginger when the suspect suddenly came, obstructed him, and shot him without warning.

The victim died shortly as a result of gunshot wounds to his head and stomach.

However, a source for Palawan News claimed that despite Mani’s requests for Bungkol to stop seeing his 16-year-old daughter, Bungkol disregarded them.

The source alleged that prior to the incident, Mani challenged Bungkol, who responded aggressively, provoking him to fire.

After the shooting, Mani voluntarily surrendered to Mayor Abraham Ibba, who turned him over to the Bataraza MPS for proper disposition.