Emerged Visa Consultancy recently conducted a career orientation for the youth of Palawan who aspire to study abroad, specifically in Australia, where the company has a partnered educational institution for their program.

The company targets the youth sector, especially those who are graduates of senior high school and are 18 years old or older.

“We conducted this career orientation for the youth. The ideal age is 18-35,” Emerged Career Counselor, Rafyn Anne Ang, said.

She explained that Emerged is an educational consultancy firm that aims to assist students wishing to further their studies in Australia, as well as in other countries like Canada and the United States.

Ang stated that while they do offer educational opportunities in Canada and the United States, their current focus is on Australia, where they have an ongoing partnership with Strategix International College-Brisbane.

“We assist them with their (student) visa application,” Ang said.

“And once they are on-shore, meaning when they are in Australia, we also have other extended services like we pick up them from the airport for FREE and help them find accommodation,” she added.

Furthermore, she said that once established and settled, they can also assist the students to apply for other types of visas, especially for those who work part-time while studying.

“Emerged however does not offer jobs because we are not a job placement agency so we specifically offer assistance in studies. But our partner schools are the ones who have other partner institutions who can offer vocational placements,” she said.

Emerged currently has offices in Laguna, Laoag City, Cebu, and Davao. Ang also mentioned the possibility of opening one in Puerto Princesa City.

“If the feedback from the interested aspirants would be good, we’d love to open an office here since our Business Development Manager in Canada is also from here, so why not?” she said

“But right now, let’s see first the response of Palaweños to the program,” she added.

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