Palawan Pop Idol 2022 Ella Dadivas of Bataraza. (Palawan Provincial Information Office photo)

Ella Dadivas of the municipality of Bataraza won this year’s Palawan Pop Idol, besting 14 other talented finalists in a competition that was one of the features of the Baragatan Festival celebration.

Dadivas won the Platinum Award for her rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Bound to You” from the soundtrack of the original motion picture Burlesque on June 21 in the Pop Idol 2022 held at the PGP Convention Center.

She reached the Top 3 Final Showdown, where she competed against Jake Quiocson of Rizal, the 2nd place winner (Gold Award), and Liezl Dela Cruz of El Nido, the 3rd place winner (Silver Award).

Palawan Pop Idol 2022 gold winner (2nd place) Jake Quiocson of Rizal. (Palawan Provincial Information Office photo)

Dadivas took home P40,000 as Pop Idol, while Quiocson was awarded P30,000 and Dela Cruz P20,000. A consolation prize of P10,000 was also given to the other contestants.

All contestants competed in two categories: the Fast Beat Category, which accounted for 40 percent of their final scores, and the Contest Piece Category, which accounted for the remaining 60 percent, to reach the final showdown.

The judges of the Palawan Pop Idol were The Voice of the Philippines 2013 Grand Finalist Myk Perez, PSU Singers Musical Director Demy R. Dizon, and chairman of the board Corinne Padilla McLoughlin.

Palawan Pop Idol 2022 silver winner (3rd place) Liezl Dela Cruz of El Nido. (Palawan Provincial Information Office photo)

The others who competed in the Pop Idol competition were Yvonne Decolongon of Bataraza; Marwin Lopez of Brooke’s Point; Annaliza Hamora of Roxas; Jaeceiyll Ashley Ocampo of Rizal; Mc Hillmerson Trinidad of Narra; Marwin Macola of Dumaran; Lennart Caseria of Bataraza; Marielle Escobar of Narra; Jocelle Quiniano of Sofronio Española; Marichu Ripalda of Narra; Rhede Nissi Fernandez of Bataraza, and Kristine Ladag of Sofronio Española.