A drunken argument among friends in Lobster Alley, Brgy. District 1, Brooke’s Point, escalated into a stabbing incident around 10:10 a.m. on May 6.

The victim, identified as Cyril Solis Muten, 24, was rushed to the hospital, while the suspect, known only as “Michael,” surrendered to the police.

According to police investigations, Muten and his cousin were drinking when the suspect, who was already drunk, arrived and joined them without permission.

The discussion between the two heated up, leading Muten to threaten Michael. This prompted Michael to leave and then return, at which point he attacked Muten, inflicting wounds to his back and thigh.

It was noted that the suspect and the victim’s cousin are friends. Despite the severity of the incident, the victim’s family has agreed not to press charges against Michael, who remains in Sagrado Hospital.