The Department of Agriculture (DA) and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) will determine a collaborative agenda and identify priority research for the country’s rice sector for the next five years in a planning workshop, Jan. 27-28.

The event, Seminar-Workshop Towards a New Agenda for the Philippines-IRRI Partnership in Rice R4D, is a planning activity under the Philippines-IRRI Partnership in Rice R4D (PIPRR4D).

PIPRR4D is a new governance and management system established to improve the synchrony, effectiveness, and efficiency of its future projects. It also aims to integrate and converge projects at the local level for maximum technology utilization.

Organized by the DA-Bureau of Agricultural Research, DA-Philippine Rice Research Institute, and IRRI, the workshop will be a platform for discussing critical issues on improving human health and nutrition and on increasing yield, cropping intensity, and resilience to climate change.

Participants will also tackle points on reducing postharvest losses and enhancing marketing efficiency and on improving extension services and strengthening capacities of public institutions, Filipino researchers, and extension workers.

The workshop will also explore the comparative advantage of IRRI as an international agricultural research center under the newly organized One CGIAR.

Key officials and representatives from DA and IRRI, members of the Joint DA-IRRI Task Force on Scaling Technologies for PIPRR4D, DA- Regional Field Offices, and partners from the academe and private sector are expected to participate in the workshop.