The half-submerged motor banca where 14 fishermen were rescued in Cuyo. (Photo from CGDPal FB page)

Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) personnel rescued 14 fishermen from their half-submerged boat Monday in the seas near Lubid Island in Cuyo municipality.

The fishermen were on their way back to Cuyo aboard motor banca Jamaica-388 after fishing near Lawak Island in Kalayaan in the West Philippine Sea, according to a statement issued Tuesday night by the Coast Guard District Palawan (CGDPal).

CGDPal said the search and rescue was carried out when Cuyo residents Ricky Garcia, Miguel Anado, and Roger Mogelio came to their station to ask for assistance. Using their tiny boat, the three were able to sail to shore and look for help.

As of this writing, the fishermen are in Bisucay Island.

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