The Puerto Princesa tourism office has stepped up its promotion of Sabang Waterfalls, encouraging travelers to visit not only the world-famous underground river in Barangay Cabayugan, but also its cascading fresh water surrounded by verdant vegetation and overlooking the sea.

Michie Hitosis-Meneses, senior operations officer and chief of promotions marketing for the City Tourism Office (CTO), said travelers have much more to discover in Cabayugan, including the Sabang Waterfalls, where water rushes over a fairly precipitous drop.

“Ilagay ninyo sa bucket list ninyo kasi na pumunta kayo dyan kasi napakaganda dyan (Put it on your bucket list because it is really beautiful there),” she said on May 27 in the city tourism program.

Locals also call the over 50-foot waterfall “Pyamaluguan Falls,” which may be found approximately 30 minutes along the rocky shore from the wharf, where it is shrouded by lush foliage.

Water pours down Mount Bloomfield’s steep gradient and settles in a plunge pool at the bottom before reaching the sea.

It is managed in their native territory by the Tagbanua indigenous peoples (IPs), who charge a minimal fee of P25 every visitor. It’s also part of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (PPSRNP), which is home to the famous underground river.

Those who wish to book can call Norma Francia at 09659451266 or Maileen Roxas at 09351924513.