CCTV grab of the suspect escaping with the help of the driver of their get away motorcycle

The Puerto Princesa City Police Office (PPCPO) Station 1 on Thursday urged the public to be vigilant against snatchers and pickpockets after a bag snatching incident involving motorcycle-riding suspects was caught on February 26 by a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera in front of the People’s Amphitheater in Mendoza Park, Jose Rizal Avenue.

Police Staff Sergeant (PSF) Raymond Alaska, the case investigator of the PPCPO Station 1, said the incident was reported by witnesses and the victim herself.

“Although napakapangit na mayroong insidenteng ganito, pero at least, ito ay isang paalala sa publiko na huwag nating bibigyan ng opportunity ‘yong isang would-be offender na makapag-commit ng crime. Kasi kung walang opportunity [ay] hindi ‘yan magkakaroon ng lakas ng loob na gawin ‘yong crime. [Importante is] ‘yong pagiging aware sa paligid mo at sa pag-i-ingat pa lang ng gamit. I-secure niyo lagi ang gamit niyo,” Alaska said.

Alaska said the victim was a 20- year old female.

The snatched bag contained touch screen and keypad phones, important documents, and P835 cash inside the victim’s wallet, Alaska said.

Based on the CCTV footage, there were three suspects — a look-out, the snatcher, and the driver of their getaway motorcycle.

Alaska called on the public to be alert in taking care of their belongings in public places so they will not be vulnerable to snatchers and pickpockets.

He added that the snatching incident is the first case reported for 2019, reiterating that they are doing their best to catch the suspects.

“The truth is this is the first reported snatching incident for this year so far. Meron naman kaming mga persons of interest regarding dito na iniimbestigahan namin,” he said.