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Eighty two COVID-related deaths had been recorded in Puerto Princesa City between January to May this year, a report released by the Incident Management Team (IMT) stated.

The fatalities included children belonging to the one year old bracket and adults who were 51 years and older.

The report indicated further that the month of February saw the largest death toll with 39, followed with 27 in January, March with 12, April with 3, and May with 1.

The other fatalities recorded were one in the 11-20 year old bracket; six among 21-40 years old; and seven in the 41-50 year old bracket.

The IMT said these were gathered from the relatives of the COVID-related expired patients from the said period.

The IMT said 70 of the 82 fatalities were not vaccinated, 11 were fully vaccinated, and one had only received the first dosage. Further, 46 deaths were antigen confirmed, 32 RT PCR confirmed, and 4 were suspect COVID cases.

“COVID suspect is an individual tested negative yet manifested any COVID symptoms and was diagnosed as COVID suspect patient declared in death certificate,” the IMT noted.

As of May 30, 2 p.m., the total RT PCR COVID-related cases were 22, three of which were confirmed and 19 suspects, the City Epidemiology Surveillance Unit (CESU) reported.

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