City councilor Henry Gadiano, proponent of the ordinance banning the release of balloons in the city. (File photo)

A proposed ordinance prohibiting the release of flying balloons within the territorial jurisdiction of Puerto Princesa was filed at the City Council on Monday.

Councilor Henry Gadiano, author of the ordinance, said the release of balloons in the atmosphere can cause danger to the environment and wildlife such as sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and other marine animals.

“There have been international and local news reports circulating about the deaths of wildlife and sea creatures due to ingestion of plastic or rubber waste materials which are the primary components of balloons,” Gadiano said.

Exempted from the ordinance are balloons that will be released indoors and those government agencies use for scientific and meteorological purposes.

Penalties will be P1,000 for first offense; P2,000 for second offense, and P3,000 for the third.

Implementing authorities will be the punong barangays, officials, and tanods.

In proposing the ordinance, Gadiano cited that the city government is known for its environmental protection and has been recognized as the cleanest and greenest component in the city. Hence, it can no longer allow the release of flying balloons that can be detrimental to the environment and wildlife.

“This representation believes that one great way to maintain the city’s cleanest and greenest title is to keep its people and wildlife from harm. It is only the high time to have an ordinance prohibiting the release of flying balloons within the city,” Gadiano added.

The measure has been referred to the committee on environment for further discussion.