Actress and parenting advocate Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan shares her experiences in motherhood and parenting to some mothers in Palawan.

Children must be disciplined with tolerance and respect. This is the advice of parenting advocate and actress Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan who is currently in Palawan for a movie shoot.

Pangilinan invited some mothers to a Mommy Talk with Mommy Maricel event on Wednesday. She shared experiences and knowledge in raising children, particularly in the challenging time of the current generation.

Pangilinan, who earned her master’s degree in Family Life and Child Development at the University of the Philippines, believes that children will be disciplined faster with tolerance and respect.

“I was made to believe that you have to spank children in order to discipline, but I do not anymore believe in that. Why? Because when you say the rod, it does not say the spanking rod. The rod can be a discipline and discipline comes in many forms. Anytime you hit someone, it’s force. When you use force, it doesn’t speak love,” she said.

“If you have a way to discipline your kids by tolerance and respect, they will adapt to that kind of respect given to them. They will be disciplined much faster instead of a quick fix na ‘pag pinalo, dapat magtanda. Hindi sila nagtatanda, ang natatandaan nila ay ‘yong sakit, hindi ‘yong lesson,” she added.

Conversations are essential to implement this parenting style, particularly for teenagers who are undergoing their adolescence stage. It might not be easy but it requires time to practice, she added.

The work-from-home setup brought by the COVID-19 pandemic admittedly crossed the boundary between work and family life. However, it also has advantages particularly for a mother to take a rest and lessen the time requiring them to wake up early, she added citing her experience.

It also made family members stay at home where they have to eat meals together. That also became a good opportunity to have conversations with each other.

The event also gave a venue for other mothers and grandmothers to ask questions about parenting and share their various experiences raising their kids. She also stressed the need for mothers to have their own time to connect with themselves.

“Talagang mahirap magpalaki ng bata kahit lola ka, yaya, kaibigan, teacher, mahirap talaga. That’s why we need each other– we also have our own hormonal issues that we have to go through. So, kailangan din aware tayo pero we need a break once in a while,” she said.

Parenting for Pangilinan doesn’t stop and it is continuous regardless of the age of the children. It is also important for parents to make their children feel their presence whether they are physically present or not.


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