The newly inaugurated Rizal Water Treatment Plant. (Photo from PIO)

The provincial government has successfully completed two new water supply system projects in barangays Campong-Ulay and Panalingaan in the town of Rizal.

These projects were implemented under the supervision of the Provincial Economic Enterprise Development Office (PEEDO), with the aim of providing a sustainable solution to the water scarcity challenge in these barangays. The goal is to address health-related issues and improve the well-being of the residents.

Governor Victorino Dennis Socrates’ administration has overseen the establishment of a total of 72 water supply system projects.

In Rizal, these projects include the Magtayob Water System, Panalingaan Water System, Latud Water System, Taburi Water System, Canipaan Water System, Candawaga Water System, Campong-Ulay Water System, and Punta Baja Water System.

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