Board Member Ryan Maminta authored a resolution that urged Palaweños to support Culion, the movie.

The Provincial Board has called on Palaweños to support the film Culion, an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2019.

Board member Ryan Maminta, the author of the approved resolution, said Tuesday that Palaweños should support the movie once it is shown in Palawan in December.

On October 16, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority – Manila Broadcasting Company (MMDA-MBC) announced the full list of films competing for the “Magic 8” of the biggest annual film festival in the country which includes the Culion movie written by Ricky Lee and directed by Alvin Yapan.

“Since MMFF has already announced the official entries for the film festival to be held in December including the film Culion set in Palawan particularly in the town of Culion to highlight the way of living in the leper colony and to break the stigma. We encourage our fellow Palawenos to support and to have the film available in the province of Palawan during the film festival,” Maminta said.

Board member Juan Antonio Alvarez said the movie has a big impact in promoting the province of Palawan as it showcases the present beauty of what was once a leper colony.

“Dapat proud tayo kasi malaking tulong ito to promote our province, anything that would help this movie ay willing tayo,” he said.

Provincial information officer Winston Arzaga said that they are excited about the movie as it further promotes tourism in Palawan.

“It’s high time that people will know na hindi lang El Nido, San Vicente, or Puerto Princesa ang meron tayo. This will prove that our province has a lot to offer in historical and cultural tourism,” Arzaga said.

The story of Culion, a small island in the province of Palawan – a community who rose with hope amidst despair which is also a direct example of the triumph of science in the world medical history and this is the story that the film “Culion” wants to share.

Set between 1940 and 1941, it revolves around three women—Anna (Iza Calzado), Ditas (Meryll Soriano) and Doris (Jasmine Curtis-Smith)—who are all afflicted with Hansen’s disease and were either born or brought to the prison-like leprosarium in Culion.