(Palawan News is reprinting this opinion piece with permission from the author, Elroy John “Clink” Hagedorn. The writer, the youngest son of former Puerto Princesa mayor Edward Hagedorn, is widely recognized as a successful entrepreneur. Soft-spoken and low profile in character, Clink is not known to participate in public political discourse. His recent posts on social media are an enlightening read. – Editors)

Salamat sa serbisyo Governor JCA at sa inyong team.

This man JCA was instrumental to the failure of my dad and his older brother in their political bid between the years 2013 and 2019.

The question of why I thank him goes beyond personal feelings and emotions. I need to show gratitude for the things made that could benefit the many.

For the good you have done in the province, for your successful programs, we ought to thank you, Mr. Governor. For miscalculations and those that failed, and the things of the sort, in my opinion, have no need to be rubbed in, I am sure the message was sent across clearly.

I first met JCA before the 1992 elections, he came to see dad at home to support his mayoralty campaign. Congressman Tony Alvarez (Mayor of San Vicente then) introduced both to each other. I never got to speak to Mr. JCA, as it was more of a hello and goodbye sort of meeting for me and him.

I should say JCA knows more about Palawan politics than myself and the generations that followed, as he was well within the circle of almost all the politicians from the late 70’s up until the 90s.

As Governor I personally think that he has done more than what I have seen in my 52 years of existence, the late Governor Badong Socrates was excluded from this statement of course.

Water was made available in these areas.
(Reverse Osmosis). This system uses pressure to create a membrane that separates the salt from fresh water and is fully operational and in:

  1. Mangsee – Balabac
  2. Pandanan – Balabac
  3. Green island – Roxas

Ongoing construction:

  1. Cagayancillo entire town
  2. Tara – Coron
  3. Cocorro – Magsaysay
  4. Alcoba – Magsaysay
  5. Pecal – Linapacan
  6. Baragongan – Linapacan
  7. Cabunlawan – Linapacan
  8. Nangalao – Linapacan
  9. Calibangbangan – Linapacan
  10. Decabaitot – Linapacan.

Waste Water Facility:

El Nido Sewage and Solid Waste Treatment Plant.


Aborlan Medicare Hospital
Narra Municipal Hospital
Southern Palawan Provincial Hospital (Brooke’s Point)
Roxas Medicare Hospital
Dr. Jose Rizal District Hospital
Bataraza District Hospital
Coron District Hospital
San Vicente District Hospital
El Nido District Hospital
Quezon Medicare Hospital
Northern Palawan Provincial Hospital (Taytay)

Piers, and road networks, all these I think are more than what others could have completed for 3 terms.

We can say that he had more funds, we can say he was lucky, we can say he exploited Palawan, but I choose to say that he had done great things. He had the experience of running and getting things done, he used his resources to help when and if needed, it was truly his time, and time was ripe for him.

For all the good things you did for Palawan maraming salamat po Governor JCA. Sa mga pagkakamali naman ayon sa pananaw ko, ng aking mga kababayan, at kapamilya, sa ganang akin lamang, ay hindi na kailangang palawigin pa. I will not carry it as a banner against you or your administration because you made sacrifices yourself to do things you perceive to be right based on your judgment. Although the majority of Palaweños have spoken, may you not carry it as a banner against this province but take it as a reminder from a parent to a son, or a child to a parent from your perspective of which one you are. Anak ng Palawan o Magulang ng Palaweño. God bless and guide you in your future endeavors Governor JCA.