Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo tries the Palawan tamilok for the first time. (Screenshot from https://www.youtube.com/c/ByBea)

Kapuso star Bea Alonzo recently dared the cast and crew of the period movie 1521: The Battle of Mactan to participate in a “Sagot or Lagot” challenge involving exotic Filipino delicacies, including Palawan’s tamilok.

The game asks questions, and if any of the cast or crew does not respond within three seconds, Bea pressures them to eat one of three exotic delicacies: tamilok (shell-less clam that bores holes in wood), balut (boiled duck egg with embryo), or isaw (chicken intestine barbecue).

Among the challengers were Hector David Jr., known for his portrayal of Green Samurai Ranger in the TV series Power Rangers; American actor and producer Michael Copon, who played Felix Taggaro in the television series One Tree Hill and Lucas Kendall in Power Rangers Time Force; and Francis Lara-Ho, the producer of 1521.

“It is my 17th day here in Palawan doing a movie. Since I am around foreigners so much these days, nakaka nosebleed na, sa totoo lang, guys. So, naisip ko, dapat yata maglaro tayo ng Sagot o Lagot,” Bea said in her latest vlog.

Actor Hector David Jr. and Bea during the challenge.

“If di nila masagot ang tanong ko in three seconds, they would have to pick one of the food, or delicacies we have prepared for them — mga balut, or exotic foods that we have here in the Philippines — like tamilok. I have never tried it myself. Mga random people sa set, and ako din, at the end kailangan ko rin sumagot ng question, kapag hindi, kailangan kong mag-try ng tamilok,” the actress explained.

There was no wrong or correct answer to the budol question, “What came first, chicken or egg?”, but Bea told Hector he got it wrong when he answered “egg”. As a consequence, he agreed to try tamilok, which he dislikes but was forced to do.

According to him, it tastes gamey and would probably not try it again. “What? To Bea, her team, and her fans, I love you, guys, mahal kita. That’s quite an experience; it’s like a worm, rough.”

Michael was chosen as the second challenger. His question was, “What is the world’s smallest country?” to which he failed to respond when he said Italy.

1521 director Michael Copon and the expression on his face because of the balut.

His consequence was to eat balut, which he couldn’t finish. “Oh, my God… there’s a, there’s a live… Oh, my God… my brain’s… it’s just my brain. I didn’t taste that, but my brain is like…,” he said, throwing up several times.

Francis, the producer of their movie, on the other hand, had no problems eating the tamilok.

At the end of the vlog, Bea got her first taste of tamilok when she couldn’t answer the question about who was the youngest of the seven dwarfs.

She said it had an oyster-like taste and texture, but in order for it to be tolerated, the foodie must not mistake it for a woodworm.

“Masarap! Lasa siyang oyster, pero kapag naiisip mo kasi na worm siya, nakakadiri. So, it’s very slimy, tapos meron siyang suka (vinegar), pero siguro dapat lagyan natin siya ng hot sauce, parang feeling ko dapat may hot sauce,” she said.

The actress shot the vlog on her 17th day in Palawan. It was her first time doing a lock-in taping, which made her miss her pets and her boyfriend, actor and racer Dominic Roque.


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