Mayor Lucilo Bayron underscored the importance of tree parks to provide not just a place for recreation of city residents but also to serve as protection for extreme climate conditions and to provide habitat to small animals.

Speaking in an ecology webinar to mark the upcoming foundation celebration of Puerto Princesa City, Mayor Bayron said his administration is keen to put up green spaces around the city as part of its programs.

“If you look around the city you will notice that we have three mini-parks- the children’s park, Mendoza park, and the Coliseum park with an aggregate area of I think less than one hectare. Because of that we saw the need of establishing a larger park where we can gather families for relaxation and recreation,” Bayron said during a webinar Tuesday to mark the upcoming Balayong Festival celebration of the city government.

“And thinking of a park why not establish a tree parks instead, because with the tree parks, we get additional benefits like more efficient storm water collection, clean air, and provide habitat for small animals,” he added.

The seminar was entitled Importance of Biodiversity and the role of Open Spaces in the Life of Community (SIBOL).

“This webinar on open spaces and biodiversity is one of the activities of our 149th founding anniversary in the city of Puerto Princesa,” Mayor Lucilo Bayron said during the webinar..

Component lead Architect Ronald Miranda, founder and president of 260 Inc., tackled the open spaces, concepts and classification, stressing the importance and benefits of having open spaces on the social, health, environment, and economic aspects.

“The benefits of public open spaces [include] social benefits, enhanced culture, and [it] provides recreational opportunities. There’s a lot of health benefits especially now (that we have a) pandemic. It encourages physical activities. It reduces a lot of panic diseases. It helps us recover from mental fatigue and also it enhances children’s development and well-being,” Miranda said. (With a report from Romar Miranda)