The municipal administration of Bataraza is scheduled to relocate to its new town hall building on July 1, boasting the notable addition of elevators and escalators.

Mayor Abraham Ibba said Thursday that during their ocular inspection of the newly completed structure on June 3, valued at ₱150 million, he observed that they are ready to inaugurate it and commence their transfer next month.

“Malapit lang din ito sa luma. Nakita ko maayos naman na at tapos na kaya lilipat na din kami sa mas malaki,” he told Palawan News in a short phone call.

Ibba said that the new municipal building excels in offering contemporary amenities aimed at improving convenience and accessibility. He explained that elevators and escalators were deliberately incorporated into the design to guarantee effortless access for all individuals.

The structure has CCTV security systems installed as a commitment to safety, fostering a secure environment for both personnel and guests. Additionally, it has a solar energy technology to serve as a reliable backup power source, guaranteeing uninterrupted service delivery even in the event of unexpected power disruptions.