Headaches, drowsy spells, chills without fever, the continuous desire to eat kahit busog naman, sore arm, and fatigue — I experienced all these when I had my first and second injections of Sputnik V by Gamaleya, which lasted approximately 1-3 days.

Given what I’d read about side effects and the whatnot, I also debated whether I should be vaccinated or just stick to health guidelines to avoid contracting the disease until we develop herd immunity.

All of these reports of Johnson & Johnson blood clots and elderly people dying in Norway after having AstraZeneca vaccines made me feel disheartened and unsure about being vaccinated.

Natakot din kasi dahil hindi nga naman din biro ang challenge.

This vaccine, Sputnik V, has piqued interest and sparked debate since Russia approved its use last year, even before early-stage trial data were released. It was the first COVID-19 vaccine to be licensed for use in any country, at mahigit na 70 na bansa na ang nag-approve kasama na ang Pilipinas.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not authorized it for use, presumably due to a lack of access to raw data from the experiments.

But I also read that the problem isn’t really with Sputnik V’s effectiveness; it’s with the single-site loading of dosages into vials. Yes, even the method of filling vials must be thoroughly scrutinized for safety.

The other concern is about monitoring for potential uncommon adverse side effects, but it seems to be effective and safe if I were to take stock of my own experiences.

Here I am now, a Batang Sputnik V vaccine cardholder [insert smiling emoji].

Although having the vaccine does not ensure that I will not get COVID-19, I am confident that it will protect me in avoiding being very unwell, being hospitalized, and, most importantly, dying.

Do not be scared by rumors that vaccines include Bill Gates’ microchips, which will track you down and control you. Yan ay kung nakapanood ka ng video about this supposed conspiracy theory na na-post sa Facebook.

Kapag ito naman pinaniwalaan niyo, ewan ko na.


Naglipana ang maraming theories kaya ingat sa binabasa.

It is critical that we understand the advantages of receiving the vaccines and why they far exceed any minor inconvenience na mangangalay ka, sasakit ang ulo ng slight lang naman, or antukin ng sobra.

Sa totoo lang, the risk of severe problems for anybody infected with the virus, as well as the public health implications of the pandemic continuing, are compelling reasons to be vaccinated.

Kung isyu naman sayo ang brand kaya hindi ka makapag-decide, now is not the time to be picky as you are in a race against time.

Kung ano ang available, ‘yon na ang tanggapin mo.