Local authorities apprehended an individual ranked number 2 on the provincial most wanted list on Saturday, March 2, at Sitio Paratungon, Barangay Pangobilian, in Brooke’s Point town.

Alias Amer was apprehended in a joint operation involving personnel from Brooke’s Point Municipal Police Station (MPS), 1st Palawan Mobile Force Company (PMFC), PIU-Palawan Provincial Police Office, RIU-4B, PALCIT Tracker-RID, HPT-Palawan, Special Operations Unit-Maritime Group Balabac, Office of the Director for Intelligence (ODI), and Tactical Operations Wing West.

The arrest was made by virtue of a warrant issued on February 2 by Jude Ramon Chito Mendoza of Branch 165 of the Fourth Judicial Region, Regional Trial Court, Brooke’s Point, Palawan, for the crime of statutory rape under Article 266-A, Paragraph 1 (D) of the Revised Penal Code (RPC), as amended by RA 8353 and RA 11648.

Alias Amer is now in the custody of Brooke’s Point MPS pending proper disposition of the case.