The Armed Forces of the Philippines is urging the public to be vigilant in guarding against the spread of misinformation to prevent its dissemination on social media and other platforms.

This call was made in a statement by AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr. issued this Friday.

“The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has observed an alarming surge in disinformation campaigns aimed at eroding the public’s trust in our institution and the government. These efforts seek to sow panic, divide our nation, and distract us from pressing issues that demand our collective attention,” Brawner stated.

Brawner said that in these challenging times, Filipinos should maintain vigilance and discernment in their approach to information they encounter and share. False information not only distorts reality but also weakens our unity, exposing us to external threats that endanger our national security and stability.

He encouraged the public to authenticate sources and obtain information from reputable and authoritative channels.

“Let us stand together in the face of these desperate attempts to spread discord. Our strength lies in our unity, and together, we can overcome any challenge,” he said.