When you can’t decide what to wear on a cold rainy day, solve it in a snap with these fashion pieces that will keep you cozy, fab and dry!


Big, baggy, and comfy clothes were made for rainy days. The wet season allows you to dress down a little in more relaxed clothing, like with an oversized shirt. Great for a casual look on the weekends and for those lazy days in the house, oversized shirts feel very appropriate with the grey skies overhead.

This look would work for everyone since this top is always flattering. You can get a well-made oversized shirt from Zara and Surplus, put on your favorite pair of denim pants and you’ll be good to go.


Long sleeve tops are bread and butter of cold rainy day outfits because they’re both fashionable and functional. They keep you warm without making you look bulky and frumpy.

Forever21 and The SM Store have long sleeve tops that look both timeless and modern, if you’re looking to buy new ones for the oncoming rainy months.


The rainy season brings with it a lot of rain, of course. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to hide under a big rain jacket all the time. You can go on wearing your year-round favorite athleisure wear or head-to-toe denim outfits and wear a parka over it.

Uniqlo and Bench offer a lightweight, reversible, water-repellent parka that can be folded into a pocketable size so it’s easy to put away. It also comes in an assortment of colors that can match your personal style.


One of the most comfortable and cozy things you could wear are joggers. They’ve moved beyond just being sports clothes, some joggers like the ones from Memo and Oxygen have jumped into the casual—and even smart casual—category.

Whatever you want to pair these bottoms with, be it a crop top, a sweater, or a denim jacket, it’s a guaranteed win, whichever style you choose.


Yes, it’s possible to get cute rainy day outfits without rain boots. You can put your bulky rain boots back in the shoe cabinet because – wait for it – patent leather shoes are practically waterproof!

Hush Puppies and Alberto have shoes made of patent leather that you can pair with any of your rainy day work outfits. You no longer have to sacrifice fashion for function with these stylish boots.


Your rainy day outfit wouldn’t be complete without the perfect bag to carry your belongings in. With the unpredictable weather, it’s practical to get a waterproof bag for keeping your stuff safe.

You’ll be relieved to hear that popular brands like Anello and Salvatore has waterproof bags in their collections. It has the perfect blend of street and work style in their bags and also has a more classic look for the young professionals. No matter what your style is, you can now put your laptop and other valuables in your bag without having to worry about them getting soaked in the rain.


The cooler, rainy months are notorious for giving people really good, long sleeps—some longer than they should be. There will be days when you’d oversleep and run out of time to do your hair in the morning.

A very subtle and ingenious way to hide that bed head is wearing a cap throughout the day. You can get statement caps from Penshoppe and look as if it’s part of your well thought-out rainy day outfit.

Shop at your favorite stores in SM City Puerto Princesa for your style weapons that are perfect this season.

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