Seventeen fishermen were arrested in the afternoon of July 7 within the waters of Canaron Island, Brgy. Cabunlawan, Linapacan, Palawan.

A report from the provincial police stated that the arrest was made by the Linapacan Municipal Police Station (MPS) during a seaborne patrol in the area.

The violators were identified by the Palawan Provincial Police Office (PPO) as Robert Napile Pores, 21 years old; Rommel Moises Odezo, 25 years old; Junvic Ayahay Abayon, 21 years old; Wilson Gadbilao Agnote, 50 years old, who served as the chief engineer; Rodolfo Delvo Pores, 47 years old; Archer Payahay Sanipa, 36 years old; Robin Dunggaran Laid, 42 years old; Jervin Jimenez Serato, 33 years old; Ador Gozar Rollon, 49 years old; Richard Vilan Olitan, 35 years old; Ritchie Aque Hopio, 43 years old; Randy Loza Dela Rosa, 32 years old; Victorio De Jesus Abayon, 48 years old; Norman Arroyo Gadbilao, 28 years old; Perry Rigedor Degito, 37 years old; Nelson Lola Gadbilao, 54 years old, who was the boat captain; and Angelo Dadaya Hopio, 26 years old. All of them were residents of Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro.

The fishermen were apprehended when the Linapacan MPS noticed a motorized banca named F/B CHABS anchored near Canaron Island during their seaborne patrol. Upon inspection, they discovered four tanks of air compressors being used as breathing apparatus on the banca.

Subsequently, the motorized banca and its crew members were apprehended and brought to the Linapacan MPS for proper disposition.

The arrest was made in accordance with the violation of Provincial Ordinance (PO) No. 819, Series of 2005, as amended by PO No. 1643, Series of 2015. The specific nature of their violations was not disclosed in the initial report. However, the authorities assured that appropriate actions would be taken in line with the ordinance and relevant laws governing fishing activities in the area.

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