Ivana Alawi and Zeinab Harake

Model, actress, and popular YouTuber Ivana Alawi, whose real name is Mariam Sayed Sameer Marbella Al-Alawi, is lamenting the loss of her two highly-followed Facebook pages for unknown reasons.

According to her in a video she posted on Instagram, her verified page with 19M followers suddenly “disappeared with no warning, no violation, no report, and no email.”

A few hours after her first page got lost, the page she apparently uses for promotion of skin products was also removed.

“Hi, guys, so tinanggal ng Facebook yong page ko. No violations, no update kung bakit nila tinanggal, and bigla na lang nilang ni-remove,” Ivana said.

She said also sought the help of anyone who knows how to untangle the situation to help her.

Ivana is currently talking with someone from the popular social media site’s Meta Pro Team, but she has been told that they have no idea what happened or why pages have been disappearing.

“I’m currently talking to someone from the Meta/Facebook team and they don’t know what happened or why pages have been disappearing. There must be something deeper to this, why are big pages being targeted? Is Facebook even safe for creators and influencers?” she said.

She also disclosed that she’s not the only one who experienced the situation.

Zeinab Harake, another popular social media star, also lost her verified page with 13M followers, Ivana said.

“I’m not the only one. First @zeinab_harake Verified 13M page was removed without explanation, no warning, no solution. It’s been almost a month since her page has disappeared and endless promises from Facebook team to resolve her problem but still no update,” she added. “No one knows what’s happening or when it will get resolved or what to do. Who knows how many more are experiencing this?”

“It’s really frustrating, sad, and disappointing for those of us who really supported and pushed this platform for years,” she said, tagging the Meta Pro Team on her IG post.

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