Essential oils have enhanced lives and helped thousands of individuals for medicinal and therapeutic purposes and these four Palaweñas reintroduced the significant benefits to the local market through Young Living.

Around the last quarter of 2017 to 2018, four women were convinced to try the benefits of essential oils to aid their different needs. Aileen Jezyl Robles, Janice Cayanga, April Presto, and Girlie Bordeos, who were all former work colleagues, shared their experiences in an interview with Palawan News on how the aromatic, concentrated plant extracts changed their lives.

Inclusions within the Young Living Premium Starter Kit for only P9,180

Young Living in Palawan

Janice narrated that his father previously suffered from respiratory issues. Using the Young Living essential oils helped him to feel better from his dire health condition.

Even her long-time dream of having a child was granted, believing it was these oils that helped do what she thought was impossible.

It was also health concerns that convinced April and Aileen to try the essential oils.

The total organization of Young Living under four of them have already reached a 5,700 local essential oil users.

Aileen, Janice, April, and Girlie started to enroll themselves in 2017 to 2018 where they directly order their supplies from United States of America. Late of 2018, it is also opened its branch in Philippines to shorten the waiting time and shipping fee of orders.

The first-time enrollees could avail a premium starter kit with the inclusion of diffuser and set of eleven oils for the amount of P9,180. Members are entitled for 24 percent for the next purchases.

“Our decision to purchase a Premium Starter Kit to support our family’s overall health and wellness has given us so many blessings! We have oils to support our sleep, immune system, respiratory, digestive, and even our emotions,” she said.

The four core enrollees of Young Living in Palawan, Aileen, Janice, April, and Girlie spending their good time at the beach

Seed to Seal

April said that they are impressed with the “Seed to Seal” promise of Young Living as it does not compromise the quality and maintains its three pillars, namely sourcing, science, and standards.

“Ibig sabihin ay Young Living can guarantee you na from seed, sa pagtanim dahil may farm si Young Living worldwide, ay diretso to distillation hanggang sa bottle at i-seal. Proud tayo kasi it’s really 100 percent organic. So, iyon ang ibig sabihin ng seed to seal,” she said.

Distributors who could comply with the requirements of Young Living may avail the free trip to its global farms where essential oils are made manually. According to its website, the farms are located in six continents and more than 30 countries.

With the Young Living’s global growth, their commitment “to creating pure, potent essential oils and products through environmentally conscious methods also continues to grow.”

“Parang bumabalik tayo sa dati na herbal lang, iyong ngayon ay in-extract lang siya. Kung dati ay dinidikdik, ngayon ay distilled siya. Nilagay lang siya sa bottle pero iyon pa rin naman,” they said.

Oils are made for different purposes and benefits and the production of oils takes manual processes that justifies the price, they added.

The bonding time of local distributors with their families


April admitted that the expensive price of the starter kit is the usual challenge in introducing Young Living and its products, particularly the essential oils.

“Unang-una, mahal… which is mahal naman talaga, kasi ‘yong quality ang binabayaran mo. Kahit sa anong bagay naman ‘di ba? Ang unang challenge ay mahal kasi hindi ka naman ipapahiya sa quality, the product speaks for itself,” she said.

Some users are still hesitant to use essential oils in different ways like ingestion due to unfamiliarity. April said that there are already approved oils for ingestion — they are those with the Vitality label. Two other popular ways of using essential oils are topical (can be put directly to skin, except for kids which requires proper dilution with carrier oil) and aromatic (using a diffuser or direct inhalation from the bottle).

The four of them are also aware that there are individuals who would raise their eyebrows after hearing their testimonials. However, this could not affect their beliefs as they have seen the effects of essential oils after their using these religiously.

Young Living maintains its connection to its distributors after their enrollment, they could still ask questions and be guided about the products whenever they want.

The bonding time of local distributors with their families


Aileen observed improvements on her health and even those of her family members while using oils. Janice, on the other hand, added that aside from the health benefits they gained from using essential oils and being a distributor of Young Living, the experience also gave them the freedom to quit their jobs after over a decade of working.

“Not totally na financial freedom, pero nandoon na ‘yong freedom, nakapag-resign na ako, apat na kaming nakapag-resign at talagang nakatutok na kami sa mga family namin. Nagkaroon kami ng mas maraming oras sa aming pamilya. Walang stress, wala kang iisipin na oras,” she said.

They shared that they were all dependent on their monthly salaries, but their membership in Young Living has brought changes in their lives.

They could also support their needs and enjoy their wants through their earnings.

“The pandemic that started last year has kept most of us at home. It was a challenging year but that was also the year that we’re able to share more of our YL journey. We welcomed a lot of families to natural and healthy living and shared with them too how they can benefit financially from doing the YL business,” Girlie said.

“A community that has supported us so much from what oils to diffuse or blend, not only oil related but life in general. We have classes to choose from almost every day. A weekly hustle session. Leadership calls. Regular programs that would shape us and help with our emotional wellness. It has helped us in all aspects. It is indeed a personality development with a paycheck. It is indeed a purpose over profit company,” they said.

Here is the link for the income disclosure statement of Young Living essential oils :

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