In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we, at Yamang Bukid Farm will continue to do business in the most unthinkable way and with a heart. As we highly value everyone’s health, we are sharing our immune booster – CARABAO’s MILK.

Our farm employees are volunteering to do FREE DELIVERY within the city proper of Puerto Princesa of this immune booster to your doorsteps when you order a minimum purchase of P1,350. For orders and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Why Carabao’s Milk?

✅ Boosts Immunity – Vitamin A and vitamin C are found in significant amounts within buffalo milk, and these two vitamins are key to the functioning of our immune system and the overall protection of the body. Both of these vitamins act as antioxidants, cleansing the body of dangerous free radicals and toxins that can cause chronic illness. Furthermore, vitamin C stimulates the immune system by producing white blood cells, the first line of defense for the body. Zinc and certain other trace minerals in this milk variety can also act as antioxidants and immune system boosters.


✅ Good Source of Energy – Carabao’s milk contains 7-8% fats, good vital nutrients, for making more energy and becoming more active.

✅ Less Lactose – Lactose is a type of sugar or glucose, taking too much of this chemical may risk your health. But here is Carabao’s milk, which is 10% less lactose than a regular cow’s milk.

✅ Good in Protein – When building muscle, you must have a good source of protein like carabao’s milk which has protein that is 11.2% higher than cow’s milk.

✅ Less Cholesterol – Less cholesterol is more healthy according to a study; carabao’s milk has only 0.65 mg/g cholesterol which is very far from cows milk that has 3.14mg/g or 5x more cholesterol than Carabao’s milk.

✅ Calcium booster– Milk naturally has calcium content, Calcium strengthens bones and our bones are very important when we are young until we grow older. Carabao’s milk has 9 percent more calcium than a cow’s milk and it is a very good investment for our bones.

✅ High in Phosphorus – Carabao’s milk has 118% more phosphorus than cow’s milk. Phosphorus is very important for teeth, skin, cells, and bones and it also helps our body to make protein.

✅ More in Iron– Iron is a mineral that carries oxygen in the hemoglobin of red blood cells to make energy. It also helps remove carbon dioxide which is bad for our body or health. Iron in Carabao’s milk is 37.7% higher content than cow’s milk.

Boost your and your family’s immune system now! ❤️ Let’s Fight COVID19!!!??
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