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The World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines) and Globe, the digital solutions provider have partnered to develop an online digital resource platform designed for environmental education to strengthen environmental stewardship.

The project, titled Camp Kalikasan, is a web-based and mobile application that aims to provide educational resources and content about the environment through interactive mixed media formats to enhance users’ awareness that all parts of nature are interconnected and that we all have roles in contributing to collective environmental action towards a more sustainable future. It incorporates different user portals specially designed for each of the app’s target users, namely, students, teachers, and the public.

The student and youth portal features multimedia content such as animated videos, films, stories, digital modules, quizzes and puzzles, games, and other educational resources to stimulate students’ interests and encourage them to become young explorers of the natural world. Meanwhile, the teacher portal offers credible resource materials for educators to integrate environmental topics in their subject areas using various teaching strategies to encourage their students to develop their own sense of values and commitment to the environment. Lastly, the citizen portal is designed to encourage the public to make sustainable lifestyle changes by making them aware of their environmental footprint and providing practical and digestible information containing relevant tips and actionable steps they can take towards eco-friendly living.

By highlighting different environmental themes such as biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation, sustainable production, and sustainable consumption, Camp Kalikasan aims to make environmental education in the country more accessible to everyone while strengthening WWF-Philippines’ and Globe’s support for Republic Act 9512 or the Environmental Awareness and Education Act of 2008.

Environmental education has been at the core of WWF-Philippines’ conservation efforts, and with the launch of the Camp Kalikasan app, the organization hopes to reach more Filipinos – especially in a time when schools and educational institutions remain mostly closed in the entire country – through a convenient and reliable application that can be downloaded by the public, students and teachers.

“In order for the next generation to love, appreciate and change the ending for our environment, it is vital to give them the best sources and tools to educate them about it. Camp Kalikasan is our platform to reach out to more students and educators and empower them to know more about the Philippine environment, so they may become advocates for a better country, a better planet, and a better future,” said WWF-Philippines Executive Director Katherine Custodio.

Globe recognizes that environmental conservation is a shared responsibility for all, and Camp Kalikasan is part of its commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness.

“We are happy about this collaboration with WWF to enable the Camp Kalikasan project. Using technologies like mobile applications for environmental education can be a great tool to increase the public’s awareness and understanding of how to care for the environment today and actively preserve it for future generations. We look forward to reaching more people through the easy-to-use app soon,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP for Corporate Communications.

Young environmental advocate and WWF-Philippines Ambassador Xia Vigor is calling on her fellow youth to use the Camp Kalikasan app and encourages the public to keep on learning about sustainability, conservation, and how to take action for the environment.

“I’m so happy to be part of Camp Kalikasan. Environmental education is needed now more than ever, and I believe that this is a great way to encourage my fellow children to start caring about the environment,” Vigor said.

Camp Kalikasan can be accessed through WWF (campkalikasan.com). Watch out for the mobile application which will be available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store soon.

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