The "Race for Water" is 100% self-sufficient with the use of solar energy and hydrogen technologies. (Photos courtesy of Peter Charaf and Anthony Collins/Race for Water Foundation.)

The world’s largest solar-powered catamaran, “Race for Water”, arrived Tuesday at the Puerto Princesa City port.

The Race for Water Foundation team is on a voyage around the world to showcase greener technology innovations and provide scientific and practical solutions to prevent plastic waste from reaching the ocean.

The vessel uses both solar energy and hydrogen technologies making it 100% self-sufficient. It originated from North Atlantic, down to the South and North Pacific, Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean, to the Mediterranean, and back to Europe.

In collaboration with the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD), Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation and partners, the Race for Water crew will welcome guests and hold activities in Palawan from September 19 to October 6, 2019.

PCSD spokesperson Jovic Fabello said that their collaboration with the Race for Water Foundation is to promote sustainable development in an “island ecosystem”.

“They are here for networking activities; school campaigns; and also for workshops with the students to advance the advocacy on plastic waste management and sustainable development. Race for Water will also talk about solutions to fight the plastic waste in ocean,” Fabello said.