For a lot of women who get caught up in responsibilities, one thing gets overlooked: a time for themselves.

In the message of American President, Jimmy Carter for Women’s Week in 1980, he said too often the women were unsung and sometimes their contributions went unnoticed. That is quite possibly because women tend to give too much, thinking they have to because they are mostly perceived as weaker individuals than men.

Women have come so far from being just possessions of their husbands, and staying at home to tend  the children. In this day and age, a handful of laws exist to protect and give them the equality they deserve. Except, these rights aren’t even enjoyed because of the constant need to care too much about everything but themselves.

It is okay to take a step back, and little by little practice the art of unwinding. By no means, does this equate to being irresponsible and selfish, but rather, finding the balance between loving work and loving oneself.

Get those nails done and have the free foot massage. The bills are still going to  get paid; you won’t have to take a day off because  this can be done on a Sunday.  If the house needs cleaning on a Saturday, it will still be there the next day. There is such a thing as quick-dry nail polish to be able to catch the afternoon mass. If the massage is not an inclusion, malls sample full-body massage chairs, and they cost as low as 10.00 pesos.

Watch classic chick-flick or family movies on a weekend night. Everyone has a television and movies are now available for illegal downloading through torrent proxies, for remote areas DVDs are still available for selling. Today, there are a lot of foods made for microwaving, so  watching movies is as cheap and de-stressing as it can be.

Buy a little something as a reward. Buy  a new watch or a blouse, anything that will serve as reminder that everything bought came from hard work and perseverance.

Go out on a date. Women of the 21st Century get treated on dates. It’s something males have gotten accustomed to on the first or second date. They don’t even need to be an official couple to go out.

Put on the beauty mask and take a nap. One amazing thing about this day and age is that ladies can wake up with good skin, after putting on globs of whatever moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening product  is being commercialized.

OR, if “real loose” is how one wants to celebrate a day off,  then pop a damn bottle of champagne and dance to Bon Jovi. The moral in this is women should not forget to treat themselves, or save a day for themselves and be SHAMELESS about it. Some women are so busy building lives that they forget to live.

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