Jollibee Chickenjoy, described by many as the Philippines’ “best-tasting crispylicious, juicylicious fried chicken that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside”, has been named as the “Best Chain Fried Chicken in America” by restaurant guide and food media outlet by Vox Media.

Chickenjoy bested 15 other fried chicken brands in four rounds of competition, including KFC, Popeyes, McDonalds, Shake Shack, BonChon, and Panda Express.

In the final round, Jollibee Chickenjoy and BonChon competed for the best in the category Bones versus Sauced, as evaluated by Eater’s special projects editor, Lesley Suter, who is said to have “masterminded dozens of fried-chicken stories, and is the closest to an expert”.

“First up was Jollibee’s Chicken Joy. I will confess I’ve lived a block away from one of the U.S.’s coveted 70 Jollibee branches for six years and have never eaten the chicken. My loss, it turns out. The subtly seasoned skin is as tectonically crunchy as advertised, if loosely attached in such a way as to be able to slide off an entire hunk with one bite. (This actually proved to be a plus, when, two hours later, I dug in with my fingers for a skin-only snack.) But the real surprise here was the chicken itself: satisfyingly light, flavorful in a ‘tastes like chicken’ sort of way, and supremely moist. That was the aspect my kids enjoyed most, too — my 5 year old won’t eat any meat with too dry or stringy a texture, and he plowed through two drumsticks of this stuff,” she said.

Suter described Jollibee’s signature gravy as “more than just an optional dunk; it completes the dish, gelatinous in a way I can only describe as naughty, while proudly showing its Filipino colors with a hefty dose of sugar.”

“On its own, the gravy is unremarkable bordering on weird, but slathered on a bite of Chickenjoy, the sweetish gravy brings out a whole other realm of flavor — bright, tangy, rich. It’s the chicken’s perfect complement,” she added.

For its part, Jollibee Group’s President for Philippine Brands in North America Maribeth dela Cruz, thanked Eater for making their fried chicken the best in America.

“We are honored that our beloved Chickenjoy has been named as among the best fried chicken in the US,” she said in a statement posted on the website of Jollibee Food Corporation.

“At our core, Jollibee is all about serving great-tasting food and bringing the joy of eating to everyone, and we are glad that more and more people around the world are discovering the joy of our crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy,” Dela Cruz added.

Now with 83 locations across North America, and over 1,500 restaurants worldwide, Jollibee continues to grow its presence in the U.S. and Canada, with plans of growing to 500 stores in the next five to seven years.

The Jollibee Group is now aspiring to become among the top five restaurant companies in the world. is a food website by Vox Media, an American mass media company based in Washington, D.C., and New York City.


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