Why you should have an SM Gift Registry to your wedding, birthday, or any other party

For your next celebration, sign up for the SM Gift Registry at The SM Store Puerto Princesa.

A household name in the shopping, The SM Store offers a fun experience with SM Gift Registry. Here are the reasons why you should sign up for the SM Gift Registry.

It’s free

The registration is free. The services are free. The gift-wrapping is free. That’s a lot of freebies for you.

Discounted items

When you sign up your special occasion for the SM Gift Registry, you and your guests get 10% discount on the regular-priced items on your wishlist. You could send the discount coupons to your guests along with your invitation.

Online access

If you’re the registrant, you just have to log in using your username and password to view the status of the items on your wishlist. If you’re a guest, you may visit any SM Store to see the actual wishlist.

You can also give out the link to your wishlist so that guests can already browse the items that you chose before going to the store.

Accepts any occassion

SM Gift Registry can cater to any special occasion, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, or any other party you could think of.

Special Customer Service

SM Registry staff are very efficient and nice. Don’t hesitate to approach them for any concern. For inquiries, you may proceed to the Gift Registry booth at the upper ground level of SM Puerto Princesa or simply visit www.smgiftregistry.com.

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