I am happy that last July, there were a hundred of former Social Development & Management Program scholars who attended a reunion dubbed as “ReConnect.”

But I wished, there were more who have attended the event. I am not “forcing” our former scholars to give back. But really, the bigger benefit of attending the reunion is on a personal level once they get to reconnect with their former colleagues.

More than just “balitaan”, “chikahan” and “bonding” with co-scholars, the reunion could have been a venue of “throwing back”. It is a moment for them to realize that it is almost impossible for them to continue with their schooling, but thanks to RTN and CBNC, they are, where they are now — a teacher, a social worker, an engineer, a doctor and the like because of the two companies.

Thanks again to Coral Bay Nickel Corporation and Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation, there were more than 800 scholars who have graduated, and they are now successful in their chosen field.

One thing that you should realize when you attend a reunion, is that sometimes not all things that you planned turned out as it is even to the most ardent planner. Probably, not all the “cream of the crop” of their batch graduated. And maybe some so-so scholars are still an average one, while some may be excelling now in their chosen field.

Every classmate who became “successful” seemed happy with their choice of career. Some of them seemed either unhappy or itching for a change, with the exception of those who became really successful. Then you would realize, you may not be as successful as they are, but at least you are happier.

For all successful professionals, just don’t forget this piece of advice: No matter what your batches grew up to be — a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a social worker — at the end of the day, your common denominators will be a desire for love, comfort, intellectual stimulation, decent leaders, a sustainable environment, friendship, and stability.

These are just some samples of possible scenarios or realization when you attend reunions.

I hope to see more in the next SDMP scholars’ reunion.


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