As a bustling city, Puerto Princesa struggles with traffic problems. And with the unfortunate road accidents that happened lately, frustrations of some individuals spilled over the social media that sparked a much-needed conversation on the city’s traffic woes.

With some creativity and an imagination that can go wild as it can be, some netizens have taken to social networking site Reddit to offer a possible solution to the problem encountered by most of the city’s residents everyday.

Reddit user eugeniosity floated the idea of having a train system that connects the city’s major thoroughfares and called it “Metro Puerto.”

The “Metro Puerto”
In an illustration shared by eugeniosity, the Metro Puerto train system consists of two lines that connect 34 stations. The North line goes from the Immaculate Conception Cathedral and the Puerto Princesa International Airport up to the North National Highway, ending in a depot somewhere around the Bacungan Area. The South line goes from the Pier and PSU-City Hall routes up to the Land Transport Terminal in Irawan.

“Island platforms are mainly utilized for passenger convenience and are connected to exits via underground walkways,” he explained.

He also proposed that moving walkways should be placed at the pier, airport, and Irawan Terminal stations for ease of changing transport modes.

The proposal earned support from some Reddit users as a very forward-looking solution to the impending problems of the city, even comparing it to the present traffic situation in Metro Manila.

“Nice job, OP (Original Poster). This is a great time for PPC to develop the rail system, even expanding it to other towns of Palawan,” PlaneBeginning4489 wrote.

“Cheap lands to buy for railway lines which is the primary problem of MM (Metro Manila) and other urban areas in the Philippines in developing the railway system, expensive ROW (right of way),” he added.

Netizens chime in
Some netizens have expressed dissent on the proposal.

“Being real with you, the city is still kinda rural. Not that rural cities don’t need a rail network. But consider Metro Manila has an existing railway that connects La Union-Manila-Legazpi that lies rotting and unused. And it passes through major cities and towns with a large amount of potential passengers. Until now it’s still just a promise to restore it,” user esdafish commented.

“Puerto Princesa doesn’t need trains. You can get anywhere within the city proper within 30mins. Going to other municipalities is not a problem either, especially if you have your own car. Commuting is not even half of the hassle it gets here in Metro Manila. Most importantly, having trains would just be more reason for nature to be destroyed so no, Thank you,” said exhstdsnflwr.

The train idea not new
In October last year, Puerto Princesa Mayor Lucilo Bayron opened the possibility of having a monorail system in the city during an investment forum in Manila.

In his presentation, Bayron said that the city government is open for investors either for private development or joint venture for a monorail that will connect the city to the Sta. Lucia Estate that the city planned to develop as a new tourism hub.

Idea still an idea
Eugeniosity concedes that his proposal is still a long shot as the idea still needs a lot of research and studies, government support and funding as well as other problems that need to be prioritized and fixed first.. But he suggests that finding solutions for the city’s worsening traffic problems should commence the soonest time possible.

“I’ve lived in Metro Manila and PPC (Puerto Princesa City), and PPC is slowly but surely developing into the shitshow that is Metro Manila. It doesn’t need trains now, but it will, eventually,” he said.

“There’s virtually 0 chance of this railway coming to fruition unless PALECO gets their sh*t together,” he quipped.