The elite Special Operations (SPECOPS) teams of the Western Command (WESCOM) recently participated in joint training exercises with foreign allies, focusing on the Over the Beach (OTB) drill as part of the ongoing Balikatan (BK) 38-23 events within its joint operational area (JOA).

The training, which was conducted by counterparts from the United States Armed Forces (USAF) and the Australian Defense Force (ADF), included lectures and actual demonstrations at Headquarters Joint Task Force (JTF) Malampaya in El Nido, Palawan.

According to WESCOM, when the level of threat and probable resistance from the adversary makes it impossible to employ regular land and air means, OTB is a specific form of insertion and exfiltration.

WESCOM’s elite Naval Special Operation Units 4, 8, and 10 participated in the training activity, which aimed to enhance their capabilities and interoperability with foreign allies.

“WESCOM will continue to support BK 38-23 training activities because they help maintain a high level of readiness and responsiveness, and enhance military-to-military relations and capabilities,” stated WESCOM on Tuesday. “These training activities also improve the tactics, techniques, and procedures of the allied forces across a wide range of military operations.”

The joint training exercises provided an opportunity for WESCOM’s SPECOPS Teams to learn from their foreign counterparts and exchange expertise in OTB techniques, such as beach reconnaissance, small boat operations, and amphibious assault tactics. The training emphasized communication and coordination among the units, ensuring seamless interoperability during joint operations.