Just like any office, the Western Command (WESCOM) has been using thousands of sheets of paper as part of its normal day-to-day operations.

Aware of its effects on the environment, the Palawan-based military ventured into going paperless through a digitization project, the Philippine Air Force (PAF)-led Electronic Document Filing System (EDFS), launched in October last year.

“From a stand-alone electronic document filing tool to a fully reliable browser-based paperless document management system, the Command’s EDFS achieved its full functionality after completing a thorough vulnerability assessment test that assures the security of the whole system,” WESCOM said.

After almost a year, the command reported that the average amount of bond paper it used each month had dropped by 50%. It also said that the amount of ink and toner they used for printing has also decreased “significantly.”

Under the EDFS, WESCOM has already uploaded 700 files. This is equivalent to 20,000 pages of paper saved based on its monthly usage.

“With a full-grown tree producing 10,000 sheets of paper, WESCOM is, actually, saving two trees every month just by its digitization,” they said.

Aside from saving the environment, the command realizes that going digital also saves them space, time, energy, and money.

“Thanks to the EDFS, the Command no longer needs to rely heavily on printers, consume papers by the ream, use so much effort and energy, and spend largely to print out documents all day and bring them from one office to another,” WESCOM expressed.

“Truly, a “better than better” command-directed innovation that makes WESCOM office jobs easy yet worthwhile,” it added.