Western Command (WESCOM) commander, Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos (first from the left), poses for a photo in front of the new living quarters of the Marines in Coron. (Photo from WESCOM Public Information Office)

The Western Command (WESCOM) has constructed a new living facility for the troops of the 23rd Marine Company, which is part of the Marine Battalion Landing Team-3, in Barangay Decalachao, Coron.

Commander Ariel Coloma, the WESCOM public information officer, stated on Friday that the primary objective of this initiative is to enhance the well-being of the troops, improve their operational readiness, and uplift their morale.

He said that under the guidance of WESCOM Chief, Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos, the construction of the living quarters for the 23rd Marine Company (23rd MC) troops has been successfully completed.

This development represents a significant improvement in the accommodation facilities available for the Marines in the Coron municipality.

Coloma further explained that during Carlos’ visit to the unit earlier this year, he recognized the need for improvements in the detachment’s facilities.

“Concerned about the welfare of the Marine troopers, Vice Admiral Carlos provided funding for the construction of new living quarters for the detachment. He witnessed firsthand the inadequate living conditions faced by the troops,” Coloma said.

He added that the new living quarters now provide individual sleeping accommodations for each member of the 23rd MC, significantly enhancing their quality of life.

Coloma said that during the WESCOM commander’s visit to Coron on June 17, he emphasized the importance of providing the Marine troopers with modern and comfortable living facilities. The facility was completed on the same day.

By addressing the troops’ fundamental needs and improving their living conditions, they can fully dedicate themselves to their vital responsibilities with enhanced physical and mental well-being.

“The troops can now enjoy a safer and more comfortable environment that caters to their specific needs,” he emphasized.

In addition to the new living quarters, Carlos has also taken the lead in implementing several other enhancements for the 23rd MC. In April 2023, he supervised the procurement of a KM450 truck for the unit, significantly improving their capabilities and mobility.

He added that these collective efforts have not only elevated the troops’ morale but also ensured their preparedness to carry out their duties with utmost effectiveness.

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