All 433 barangays in the province of Palawan have now rejected the leftist group New People’s Army (NPA).

The Western Command (Wescom) said in a statement on Friday that Palawan has reached this milestone by declaring the NPA as persona non grata, in collaboration with the 3rd Marine Brigade under the Joint Task Force Peacock.

“Led by the AFP Wescom, the Marines of the Joint Task Force Peacock (3rd Marine Brigade) have played a crucial role in spearheading this province-wide initiative, solidifying Palawan’s determination to maintain peace and progress in its communities,” Wescom said.

Under the leadership of Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos, Wescom emphasized that the collective effort of the barangays and their officials conveys a strong message of refusal and condemnation towards the NPA.

“The declaration of persona non grata is a decisive step in Palawan’s ongoing efforts to address security challenges, with different stakeholders coming together to achieve this monumental accomplishment,” Wescom added.

It pointed out that Palawan’s opposition to the rebel group showcases the province’s unity and dedication to safeguarding the safety and welfare of its residents.

Wescom added that the accomplishment serves as a source of motivation for other regions dealing with comparable challenges, highlighting the effectiveness of the Whole-of-Nation (WoN) approach in tackling security risks and the impact of shared resolve in attaining enduring peace.