Water treatment tech introduced to El Nido

The treated wastewaters from the septic chambers can then be used for watering plants and washing vehicles.

A portable septic and domestic wastewater treatment technology called Eco-Sep was introduced to establishment owners in El Nido on Wednesday.

Dr. Merlinda Palencia, a chemical engineer of ENVIGOR Water Treatment Chemical Products Mfg., told establishment owners in a presentation meeting in the town that Eco-Sep is an organomineral treatment used in a self-sustaining and handy wastewater treatment system

“Napakahalaga ng pag-treat ng wastewater at septic water kasi kung itatapon mo sa dagat, kapag nasira ang dagat o tubig ay mahirap na i-reverse yan. Mahirap nang linisin. Wag na tayong dumating pa sa punto na mangyari sa atin ang tulad ng sa Boracay,” she said.

Eco-Sep technology, which she developed with Adamson University (AdU) and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), is a portable and deployable wastewater treatment system to clean domestic wastewater using the powder-like Vigormin, a treatment organomineral.

She explained that one can use it by opening the septic chamber and putting a kilogram of Vigormin every month. This is enough for a household with a single septic chamber with three to four occupants.

However, she explained it’s a different case for hotels and other accommodations that have big numbers of occupants.

“Kung mas marami ay mas marami din ang kailangan at mas madalas rin dapat ang pag-apply ng Vigormin,” she explained.

The technology, she explained, also offers the method of connecting the septic chambers of 10 households to one main Eco-Sep tank for Vigormin treatment using pipes.

The treated wastewaters from the septic chambers can then be used for watering plants and washing vehicles.

In fact, if there is enough lot between the households, they can even set up a community vegetable garden, and use the treated wastewater for watering.

Palencia said the technology is not hard to achieve is it uses water tanks that are available in hardware stores. The cost of installation to connect several septic chambers will be around P25 thousand and P40 thousand if constructed using reinforced concrete.

But using hollow blocks, she warned, is not ideal as they do not guarantee to waterproof septic chambers, and are susceptible to low-frequency earthquakes.

“This is a natural way of treating our wastewater. Kung sa mga hotels ay puwede. Yong ay tatlo o apat na chambers puwedeng e-connect sa isang main Eco-Sep tank,” she said.

She told establishment owners that the technology was piloted in one of the relocation sites of Yolanda-affected families in Palo, Leyte, which has become part of their presentation.

“Na-solusyonan yung baho, yung dumi at ang maruming tubig ay bumabalik sa pagiging malinis, at nagagamit ang tubig sa halaman,” Palencia said.

Aside from Eco-Sep, Vigormin treatment can also be used in materials recovery facilities, landfills and decaying organic waste.

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