Waste Segregation and what more can be done

A law or ordinance to properly implement a desired waste segregation must take into consideration how to curb the waste disposal habits of Puerto Princesa City’s households and how to properly introduce the practice of waste segregation.

An immediate and drastic implementation of the law may result to failure on part of the implementing body, or the ordinance may be challenged outright by households.

Following this, we may see litigation in court involving cases as petty as improper segregation or illegal waste disposal.

As such, recommendation for pilot areas of execution must be identified and clustered by economic categories. Out of the 66 barangays, three must be chosen and categorized as high IRA (internal revenue allotment) barangay, medium IRA barangay, and low IRA barangay.

A period of three months of careful implementation can be accompanied by local government’s intensive campaign and support such as providing politically correct trash bins, trash plastic, timed waste collection and inspection by the collector of trash.

A system of rewards and punishment for compliance and non-compliance must also be adopted in order to encourage citizens to comply with the segregation law such as but not limited to tax discounts etc.

The purpose of the three month and three pilot barangay project is to study and to learn the best and most efficient way to implement the law. After such experiment the ordinance may be applied to the whole of Puerto Princesa’s barangays.

It will also help if the city should encourage business persons and entrepreneurs to invest in recycling or upcycling waste materials such as plastics, biodegradables and others.


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