A lechon belly seller from Barangay Tagburos is currently going viral due to a video he captured of a couple engaged in a lover’s quarrel (LQ) on the city’s national highway last Sunday afternoon.

Jenel Grande Casipe expressed his surprise at the unexpected viral reception of the video, which captured the couple passing by their family business, Joe Nida’s Lechon, at approximately 5 p.m. on June 25.

In his Reel posted on Facebook on June 26, the footage shows a woman walking while a man rides a motorcycle, attempting to convince her to join him and reconcile. Despite the man’s efforts, the woman, estimated by Jenel to have walked 5 kilometers, remains resolute in her refusal and continues on her path.

“Nakita ko sila sa unahan na lang din namin sa Brgy. Tagburos kasi bumili ako ng prutas. Pagbalik ko, nagtaka ako, nagulat ako kasi nakita ko pa rin sila sa may Brgy. San Jose. Pagbalik ko sa bahay, napagkuwentuhan namin, at sabi ko andoon pa yan, at sundan namin,” he told Palawan News on Tuesday.

“Noong nakita ko sa San Jose, nakyutan ako. Sabi ko, parang nag-aaway pa rin sila. Sakto, pagsunod namin, nag-aaway pa rin talaga, naglalakad pa rin yong babae,” he added.

What makes Jenel’s Reel intriguing to netizens is his meticulous attention to detail. Not only did he capture the LQ between the couple, but he also added a unique touch to the video during the editing process. Jenel included the names of the places they passed through, such as Tagburos, San Jose, Ford and Massway areas, and Ka Inato.

To further heighten the emotional impact of his video, he even incorporated heart emojis.

Jenel revealed that the woman eventually succumbed to the situation and agreed to ride on the man’s motorcycle. This moment unfolded right in front of Ka Inato, situated in Brgy. San Manuel.

Initially, although Jenel was intrigued by the identities of the couple, he didn’t delve any deeper into what he witnessed. He merely captured the moment, recognizing it as a cute and heartwarming scene on the road.

Eventually, through an unexpected interaction where one of the woman’s friends came across his posted video and left a comment, Jenel was able to unravel the mystery surrounding the couple he had captured, leading him to know the true identity of the woman.

He mentioned being informed that the couple’s LQ began in Honda Bay, located in Brgy. Sta. Lourdes, where the woman initiated her journey on foot.

“Hindi ko na tinanong kung bakit nag-away. Naligo ata sila sa Cowrie [sa Honda Bay] kasi nakita ko rin ang post noong babae,” Jenel said, making him conclude that she actually walked a longer distance than his initial estimate of 5 kilometers.

“Sobra pa ang nilakad siguro kung nanggaling sila sa Honda Bay,” he said.

Fifteen minutes after posting the Reel, Jenel couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that it had already been shared 132 times. Initially, he admitted feeling scared about what he had done, but later on, he realized that he meant to spread good vibes.

“Sabi ko nga yari na. Ang sa akin lang parang katuwaan lang naman. Noong gumabi na, hala, nagcha-chat na sila kasi mas dumami pa,” added Jenel.

Meanwhile, the netizens who commented on his video couldn’t help but find the couple adorable, especially after witnessing their reconciliation and seeing them continue on their merry way.

“Grabe na rin tampo nya ang layo,” one commented.

“Nakita nga din daw dun honda bay wawa man kasi na ang cute nila tignan,” another stated.