Photo from WESCOM

Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos, commander of Western Command (WESCOM), handed over a KM450 cargo vehicle to the 23rd Marine Company of Marine Battalion Landing Team 3-Decalachao Detachment in Coron, Palawan.

The service vehicle had long been sought by the troops of the 23rd Marine Company (23rd MC), who were eager to strengthen their administrative and operational skills in the area.

According to WESCOM, Carlos personally evaluated the cargo truck in Coron, which had arrived from Sangley Point in Cavite City on the Philippine Navy warship BRP Laguna (LS501). The ship made a brief stopover in the area to drop off supplies and other items for forces stationed there.

In addition to handing off the service truck, Carlos visited the LS501, which is about to depart on its next mission in the WESCOM joint operations area (JOA). After substantial repairs and maintenance, the ship’s current deployment in the area was its first in five years.

AFP Chief of Staff Gen Andres Centino provided the KM450 cargo truck as part of the organization’s commitment to the troops in the province.